About Us

Science-backed supplements to support your longevity goals


About Us

Science-backed supplements to support your longevity goals


Science-backed supplements to support your longevity goals

Our aim at Optimum Ageing is to extend your healthspan and to potentially increase your lifespan.

Modern medicine allows us to live longer lives. But unfortunately for many of us, our health declines during those added years. At Optimum Ageing, when we talk about longevity, our primary focus is on extending healthspan—and increasing your number of healthy years.

What is healthspan? While lifespan is the number of years we live, our healthspan represents the number of years in which we are in a state of good health and free of disease. In Western Europe, for example, the average lifespan is 80 years old, while the average healthspan is only 65 years. This means, sadly, that we spend up to 20% of our lives in poor health.

But fortunately, healthspan is not fixed. Studies have shown that we can extend it by following a healthy lifestyle, embracing new health technologies—such as wearables, at-home DNA testing, and early medical diagnostics—and adopting the proper longevity supplement routine.

The science of longevity

What people are saying

I was sceptical at first but my friend insisted I try your NMN supplements. A few weeks in and I am really feeling the benefits – especially my mood and energy levels. Good product!

Rosita Diaz

My wife and I started taking your NMN supplements in October 2022. Admittedly, the first few weeks were sporadic but now that we have settled into a daily consumption routine, we have noticed a big difference in our energy levels, clearer minds and we seem to have adopted a more positive outlook. Personally, I have a stronger immune system, suffering less common ailments like cold and fatigue. We’ll continue to take the supplements with an open mind and we’ll report back again in a few months with a further update. I would certainly recommend this product to anyone who is beginning to suffer the ill effects of ageing!

Iain & Heather Foster

I’ve noticed more energy and overall better health since taking this NMN supplement! Excellent product. I will repurchase!

Dorothy Myers

Your NMN supplements have definitely made a difference to my general health. I seem to have more energy, my digestion has improved and I sleep more soundly at night. I would definitely recommend!

Anthony Potts

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